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By Eric Egan
By Eric Egan

A Powerful New Use for Hoʻoponopono

This article is for those already familiar with Hoʻoponopono. Not familiar with Hoʻoponopono? Then check out Joe Vitale’s website,  It explains Hoʻoponopono and how Dr. Hew Len used it to achieve extraordinary results.

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. ~Mike Tyson

I want to accept that The Creator loves me and will only allow things in my best interest to happen to me. But when events blindside me, when it feels like super-crap hits the fan, when I am in real pain and real stress, I often fail to allow Him to drive.


I start thinking: Sure, The Creator has everything under control, except this horrible thing that happened to me. It must have slipped by Him somehow. How can this level of pain and stress be part of an infinitely intelligent master plan for my benefit?

After all, he is just The Creator of the universe. You see, when it comes to my life, my ego tells me it is so much more intelligent than The Creator of everything. (The ego is louder than The Creator too).

How can this possibly end well? It can’t! The Creator of the universe obviously needs my help! I will fill my scary unknown future with my ego’s mega-mind planning! I must stress and worry intensely over this. Great idea, that always helps! :-/

The static noise of stress and worry in my head and heart drowns out the Creator’s still small voice. I imagine every possible outcome; none are good.

Of course, the all-powerful Creator, because he loves me, yields to my request, slides out of the driver seat of my life, and lets me drive. What could go wrong?

The Stress Monster

Then, that crushing feeling in my chest starts to set in. (Or sit on rather). With its 1,000 pounds of pure ice-cold anxiety and electric root-claws that begin at the sides of my chest, quickly grow through my ribs, through my lungs, and finally deep into my heart.

It feels like it could rip out my entire chest. (That might be an improvement) Then it starts to feed off me and grow until I realize, WTF am I doing?

What I Was Doing.

So, an event happens. My ego automatically labeled the event as “horrible and painful.” Then I basically tell The Creator that you don’t love me, you’re an idiot running my life, and get out of my driver’s seat! Scoot!

When I realize I messed up big time, I get the hell out of the driver’s seat. How do I apologize to The Creator for all that? Ooops, I’m sorry, my bad? Yea, that doesn’t feel right to me either. Now what?

When I’m Sorry Doesn’t Cut it.

When a correction, reconciliation, and forgiveness are needed, Hoʻoponopono is what the doctor ordered.

I say the Hoʻoponopono mantra to The Creator,

  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

This sincere apology is soothing medicine for your relationship with The Creator and your mind, body, and spirit. Mix it with deep, fast in, slow out-breaths for added relief. Or combine the mantra and deep breathing with monkey bar meditation.

I often add a fifth element to the end of the mantra.

  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you
  • I know you got this

Each time I say the mantra, my stress fades a little. Every time I say it, the Stress monster’s root-claws start to pull out of my chest, it gets lighter, and I breathe a little better. With each dose of the mantra, I can take deeper and deeper breaths. I repeat as needed.

A woman standing with her eyes closed. Her right arm is full of files and a notebook computer. Her left hand is raised to about her shoulder. Her left hand is doing the meditation sign: her ring finger is touching her thumb, and her remaining fingers are out straight. She also has post-it notes all over her front, even one on her forehead…but she is calm.

Less stress. Even as the thorns and weeds of your day try to choke out your calm. 

Words Have Power

This combination of words has an incredible amount of power to relieve stress. The sum of the words in this mantra is many times the power of each word alone. There is a cool German word for this.

“Gestalt.” Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: something that is made of many parts and yet is somehow more than or different from the combination of its parts.

This prescription of words is like the burn ointment in The Hunger Games movie; it starts to work immediately. The more you use the mantra, the better it works.

Once and Done?

I wish saying the mantra once was enough. For me, the mantra is like antibiotics for stress. I may have to repeat it many times depending on the size of the hit on my life.

Rooting out stress and worry is like weeding a garden. You don’t pull the weeds once. Pulling weeds is an ongoing process. Taming the habit of stressing out is, too. Repeat the mantra as needed.

Not Just for the Big Events.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” they say, but they do not say how. Or The Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuh.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Repeating the Hoʻoponopono mantra grows the serenity you need to accept the things you cannot change.

You know the things you cannot change; traffic, stop lights, when you forget your cell phone, turning in an exam or a resume, and now it is out of your hands, etc.

How upset do you have to get to make the traffic move faster anyway?

Using the mantra over the small stuff you can’t change will help prepare you for the big stuff you can’t change.

This new twist for Hoʻoponopono helps me every day. I hope it helps you too.

Thank you.

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