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A “mindfulness” brain scan or x-ray with a doctor pointing to a poop emoji on the image of the brain. Mindfulness, like an X-ray, can reveal your mind to you.
How Not To Be a Shithead
Mindfulness clears the shit out.
A smiling woman sitting at a desk with a pen in hand and a blank notebook in front of her. She is happy because she is about to use The To-Do List Secret.
The To-Do List Secret
The Best To-Do List for Getting Things Done Have you tried all the productivity apps, methods, and books? Did any of them work for you? Did any of them become part of your life? Me neither. I have been...
Dual monitor desktop showing the Blogging Research Tools Obsidian and Zotero
Blogging Research tools
Information Isn’t Power. I am currently researching and writing a transformative nonfiction book. This project requires a lot of tools to convert data into information, information into knowledge, and...
Small girl in a toy store. The toys are distracting her form the open door in the bakc of the store.
Getting Through Your Toy Store of Distractions
Door? What Door? This level of reality you find yourself in is like a toy store full of custom-made toys for you. They are expertly crafted to waste your time by distracting you from what you really need...
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