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Why Some People Almost Always See Opportunities That You Miss

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By Eric Egan

Exposing Your True Lies

There is an exciting study1 involving you and four groups of vervet monkeys in the wild. The researchers placed two containers of corn in each of the four vervet groups. One container had corn dyed pink and the other container blue. In two groups, the pink corn was made bitter tasting. In the other two, the blue corn was bitter.

The containers were removed after each group learned to avoid the bitter corn. Months later, the researchers returned the containers of corn to the groups. However, this time neither the pink nor blue corn was bitter.

The first exciting thing they noted was about the infant monkeys. The infants had never seen the containers of corn before. Both containers of corn were now equally edible. But the infants only ate the colored corn that the rest of the group ate. The infants even sat on the container of overlooked corn to get to the group’s choice.

Young monkey sitting on the pink corn container, eating the blue.

The second exciting thing happened when adult male vervets migrated to a new group. If the migrating adult male’s new group ate the opposite color corn the migrating male was accustomed to, he conformed to eating what the new group was eating.

 You know that nursery rhyme, “Monkey see, monkey do, I see a monkey just like you?” Well, here you go.


Three monkeys eating pink corn out of a container. The baby is ignoring the blue corn and sitting on it to eat only the pink. Copying the two older monkeys.

Group conformity is part of the vervets programming. That programming controls what the vervets can and cannot see as food opportunities. Like it or not, your group, parents, teachers, friends, peers at work, social media, etc., helped write your program too.

Why opportunities are hidden from you

The migrating monkeys would not eat the alternative color corn until their program was updated or hacked. The hack was allowed in by seeing a group of like monkeys eating the alternate color. Genuinely seeing and hearing are not with your eyes and ears. It is only with your mind. And everything you experience goes through your programming first.

(Ok, this will get a little strange, but you won’t be disappointed.) Your programming literally bends what you see to conform to your personal “reality.” Your mind is better at special effects than Hollywood.

The following two videos are examples of how your programming can alter reality. As well as how completely useless it is to go against your programming. You cannot simply tell your mind what to do. Or, in this case, what not to do. Even if you have seen the “The McGurk Effect” video before, it is worth another viewing.

Did you watch the video a second time with your eyes closed? I did. Amazing right? The only sound hitting your eardrums for the entire video is Baa. Your ears are functioning normally and dutifully sending the baa sounds through to your program.

But your programming says, “Well, that’s BS. I know what you expect to hear when you see this. I’ll just fix that for you.” Think about that. There is not one Vaa sound in the video. But your mind created it in real-time out of thin air and in the man’s exact voice!

Your programming is bending reality to change what you hear to conform to your reality. You were told how the trick works. But your mind is the one doing the tricks. Go ahead, tell your mind to stop changing the baa to vaa, and see how far you get. Nada. So, who is in charge? You, or your mind?


You saw how your program can make what you hear a “true lie” (a truth you are 100% sure about, but it is 100% false) to conform to your reality. Ok, the video above was just about hearing. What other true lies can your mind create for you in real-time?

Again, tell your mind that the back of the mask pops in, not out. Same result, right? Defiance. Stupid brain. Your mind will not listen to your nonsense and continues to run its programming. It has seen way too many faces to change just because you say so. 

Let’s recap these true lies in your “reality.”

  1. You saw a mask that pops out on both sides. (Which is impossible, but that did not stop your mind, did it?) That was a lie.
  2. You saw and heard a man say vaa, vaa, vaa. That was also a lie.
  3. Like the little monkey in the image above, you have few opportunities. You know this for a fact because you are living proof that good ideas and opportunities are few and far between. Also, a lie. (This, and more, will be the topic of articles coming up.)

These are a few true lie examples. Your programming has this power over all your senses, every input you receive. And you’re normal.

Ok, so your mind is more twisted than you thought. Now what?

What we are doing here is building deep self-awareness. Because awareness creates the conditions needed for change. All you need to know right now is your programing is bending reality to create your own personal “reality” in real-time. More importantly, you can update your programming. But how?

Your mind is hack-resistant, not hack-proof.

Hacking is simply using unauthorized features that few know about and are not in the manual. This publication, The Science of Destiny, is about the machine we live in and its natural laws that determine your destiny. Those natural laws will seem like hacks when you first discover them.

The good news.

You are already fifty percent of the way to your solution. You would not be here unless you believed there was a solution. Norbert Wiener wrote, in the Human use of human beings, “Once a scientist attacks a problem which he knows to have an answer, his entire attitude is changed. He is already some 50 percent of the way toward that answer.” I would say it’s more like 80 percent.

This post was a micro-sample of your true lies. We will be looking at ways to harness the power holding you back rather than fighting it. Earlier I asked you, who is in charge? You, or your mind? You are, once you know how to hack yourself.

Let’s learn to hack ourselves



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