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Getting Through Your Toy Store of Distractions

Small girl in a toy store. The toys are distracting her form the open door in the bakc of the store.
Picture of By Eric Egan
By Eric Egan

Door? What Door?

This level of reality you find yourself in is like a toy store full of custom-made toys for you. They are expertly crafted to waste your time by distracting you from what you really need and want.

You try to fill the void in your heart with any shiny toy you can get your hands on; alcohol, drugs, sex, wealth or poverty, being a victor or a victim, power, the next big thing, and more stuff.

This is from listening to your insane A.D.D. ego you think you can trust without question.

If you can get through your toy store of distractions and reach The Creator’s back room, you will find the missing pieces of your heart. How else would you fill a God-size hole in your heart without The Creators? Get comfortably numb or distracted, of course.

For a good reason, grocery stores put the main things you need in the back of the store. Take shopping for milk for instance; you have to go through a maze of distractions to get to what you need.

How do you get to your inner storeroom?

The answer is far too simple for most people to accept; seek the Creators first. Say you purchase a large piece of IKA furniture. It comes in several boxes and has over 100 pieces. What do you seek first? Yes, the instruction the creators of the furniture made.

If you seek the Creators of the Machine we live in first, all the other stuff will fall into place for you.

Remember, how this place works is far too simple for smart people to accept. The more you seek, the more you find. The more you find, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more you seek and so on.

Seek understanding like an aircraft’s autopilot. Did you know an autopilot drifts off course most of the trip? Because it keeps correcting its course thousands and thousands of times during the trip, it reaches its destination.

It is that simple. Seek The Creators. Expect to get off target thousands of times too. But the more you seek The Creators, the more help you will get along the way. The more support you get, the more you find. The more you find, the more you seek and the more help you receive, and so on. It’s simply how it works. It’s a solemn promise.

The deceiver and his insider, your ego, are experts on running out your clock. They keep you busy with shiny BS until…

Thank you for reading.

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