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A door just starting to open, letting light into a dark room.
How To Unlearn the Old You
Your first micro-victory cracks open the door to the new you.
Small boy standing at the bottom of a huge staircase.
Why Self-Help Is Not Working for You, Yet
Why Changing Yourself Is So Difficult. You have read book after book on self-improvement and see little or no change in your life. When all visual and physical evidence clearly and logically says self-improvement...
Bell curve showing why self-help is not working for you
Why Mainstream Self-Improvement Is Not Working for You
Why You Can’t Get There From Here It was not their fault. In the late 1990’s I taught a free computer class for first-time computer users at the city’s recreation center. Everyone was sitting in front...
A drawing of a man about to insert a key into a keyhole on the side of his head.
Secrets to Hacking Your Subconscious.
Your subconscious is hack-resistant, not hack-proof.
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