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A sphere in darkness emitting tiny blue whisps.
Does Blessing Your Food Make a Difference?
Weird Science. Why does homemade soup make you feel so much better? Is it the warmth, the nutrients, the placebo effect, or all the above? Many studies have discovered the key element not found in any...
Woman in disposable jump suite standing among 1000s of baby chicks.
Spooky Intention at a Distance
Is Your Mind More Powerful Than a Chick’s? It moves away, taking all happiness with it. Darkness and despair are its wake. Trapped in darkness, a tiny heart and mind cry out for the tin brain to return...
Lucky girl smiling and crossing her fingers
The Secret of Lucky People
May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor? What if You Could? You win some. You lose some. Success is not a single momentous event, nor is failure. Both are the sum of a long chain of events. The difference between...
Girl walking in the park, smiling. Using Monkey Bar Meditation
Monkey Bar Meditation Will Quiet Your Monkey Mind
Mental STFU Secrets. There has got to be a better way. I had been meditating for some time and enjoying amazing results in my life. But, like many people, the short time I could focus before getting tangled...
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