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What Is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe?
It’s Also the Most Powerful Force in the Matrix Movie As of this writing, nobody has answered correctly. What do you think the most powerful force in the Matrix movie and the universe is? Without it, all...
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Who else wants less stress?
A Powerful New Use for Hoʻoponopono This article is for those already familiar with Hoʻoponopono. Not familiar with Hoʻoponopono? Then check out Joe Vitale’s website,  It explains Hoʻoponopono and how...
Woman reading a book in a fairy tale setting.
The Power of Intention in Your Writing
Punch Your Readers in The Back of Their Head Some well-crafted writing will cross unlimited space and time and bloom in the reader’s mind like the first flower of spring. While other well-crafted writing...
A sphere in darkness emitting tiny blue whisps.
Does Blessing Your Food Make a Difference?
Weird Science. Why does homemade soup make you feel so much better? Is it the warmth, the nutrients, the placebo effect, or all the above? Many studies have discovered the key element not found in any...
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